Get Your Home Ready To Sell

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Real Estate

Thinking about selling your home?

As the old saying goes:  You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Below is a list of items to consider prior to the strategic, initial launch of your property on the World Wide Web:

l  Increase curb appeal from the outside in:

a. Reseal concrete cracks

b. Power wash the exterior including all windows, downspouts and gutters

c. Clean out the fireplace and chimney

d. Remove all stains from driveway and garage

e. Sweep walkways and driveway.

2. Inside:

a. Clean the interior, consider hiring professionals

b. Repair any noticeable damage 

c. Replace/Repair drippy faucets and shower heads, consider using low flow fixtures and make sure drains are clear and free flowing

d. Clean all flooring and consider repairing or replacing damaged areas, especially in high traffic areas 

e. Repair/replace/remove torn screens as well as clean out, lubricate and tracks

f.  Replace burned-out light bulbs and all non working fixtures

g. Clean all appliances so that they are bright and shiny to reflect light to make the home bigger and brighter

h. Replace/repair damaged toilet seats, holders and shower curtains

i.  Thoroughly clean and disinfect all light switches, handrails and doorknobs

j.  Eliminate any strong odors by using air fresheners and/or good quality aromatic candles