The San Diego Oasis Get Connected Technology Fair

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The times are always changing! Who can even imagine a time before the internet - right? Whether you are walking down the street, at a restaurant, or in any other public place, all you can see are people glued to their technology devices. If you are not “techie” and struggle with reading manuals and watching tutorials, where can you turn for help?  OASIS is the place for YOU! Membership at Oasis is FREE – YES FREE! Did you know that?  

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OASIS offers a unique educational environment that was created for adults 50+ who want to continue to learn and remain active throughout their entire life times – regardless of age!  When joining Oasis, you are allowing yourself to enjoy stimulating classes, opportunities to serve your community, and ways to connect to others and make new friends! Oasis is and has been a pioneer in healthy aging and its primary goal is to educate and connect older adults. 

At the seventh Annual Tech Fair, I personally had the opportunity to sit down and interview Simona Valanciute, President and CEO of Oasis!  Check out our video interview link! According to Simona, this year was their biggest and best turnout - ever – with more than 900 people in attendance!  That makes it the largest Technology Fair in all of San Diego County. Did you know that?  

I am so grateful to be a part of this cutting edge organization as both a returning Tech Fair Sponsor as well as a continuing educational instructor!  Having spent 23 years in the engineering profession before transitioning into real estate, I love educating my clients to provide them the most valuable information available, as well as protect their best interests!  For instance, did you know, I implemented technology to develop my own algorithm, to strategically net my selling clients a whopping two percent more money than the average MLS agent? 

To further serve and advise my clients, through Oasis, I am offering another free class on December 10th, entitled: “Decluttering to Downsize.”  In the first quarter of 2020, plan to attend my class on what home Renovation Projects produce the best Return on Investment (ROI). You can sign up now, as well as explore all the other FREE classes Oasis has to offer at:

Lastly, what community/groups do you know that are looking for educational speakers and customized content?  Since I am always looking for interesting topics - What would YOU like to know about? Call me at 858-945-2692 with any questions you may have on the real estate market. I will help you!  I can be reached via email at: Let’s get connected today!